Dr. Tien T. Ho


Dr Tien T HoDr. Tien T. Ho comes from a family of twelve dentists dating back three generations. Her dad was an excellent dentist, so are her brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. She has been involved in dentistry since she was twelve years old, by helping her dad in his dental practice and laboratory to fabricate crowns, bridges and dentures.

Dr. Ho has been passionate about dentistry since a very young age, she has grown up in a dental environment and has always dreamed of making beautiful teeth to improve people’s smiles.

Dr. Ho has learned many secrets of making dentures from her dad, who himself wore a complete set of dentures.

Her passion is to make beautiful teeth that not only enhance a person’s smile but also reflect the character of that person and fit the personality of their face.

Dr. Tien T Ho graduated from University of Paris V, Rene Descartes in 1990; she received her DDS degree with the highest honor following the most distinguished publication of her thesis.

Dr. Ho received her Prosthodontics certificate from the University of Maryland Dental School at Baltimore in 1997. She was recognized by her director as the top three Prosthodontists during his 18 years running the Prosthodontics program.

Dr. Tien Ho has been in private practice for over 20 years with extensive experience in Prosthodontics, Dental Implants, and Cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Ho is the inventor of the Impress Tray (patented in 2010). This innovative tray is specially designed for the impression of dental implants with simplicity, accuracy and proficiency.

Part of the profits from the sale of her invention have been donated to Operation Smile, Hope for Tomorrow, & School of Love, which was created by retired teachers to teach the underprivileged children and adults in Vietnam to learn how to read.

Dr. Tien T. Ho was awarded Best Dentist in America since 2003 per peer votes, Top Dentist in America since 2004 by the Independent Consumer Research Council. She has also held the honor of being categorized as the Best Dentist in the Northern Virginia area from 2007 to present.

Dr. Ho has been involved in implant dentistry since 1985 and has since followed the evolution of the technology of dental implants throughout her career. She is a member of the following organizations:

Dr. Ho is also co-founder and faculty lecturer of the Atlantic Advanced Dental Implant Institute where she is frequently teaching other dentists about implant dentistry. She is currently teaching residents in Postgraduate degree in Advance General Dentistry in the University of Wichita in Kansas City.

Along with her husband, Dr. Trung D. Ho, Dr. Ho is also the mother of two boys. Her hobbies include swimming, biking, car racing, interior decoration and designing. She also loves to travel to different countries to learn about their cultures.